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Dinner Cruise

Code: WFC-001

Threat yourself
To the memorable night out aboard one of Bangkok's most luxurious boat restaurant. Relax in modern comfort and experience the warmth of Thai hospitality. Dine on a variety of authentic Thai food and Sea food Cruising along the Chao Phaya River. You can take in the scenic sunset and river life by night. A truly exotic experience and unforgettable.

Thai music and classical dance
During your romantic dinner, you will see Thai music and classical Thai dances which take some part from the story of Ramayana ,the great story of Hindhu in India, and others show are about the native story of some part of Thailand.

Wan Fah Dinner Cruise will take you on a dinner cruise night
from 7 pm. to 9 pm. along the enchantion Chao Phraya River.
The boat will pass by the Oriental Hotel, Shangri–La Hotel,

The Royal Grand Palace

The Royal Grand Palace was built by King rama I The first King of Bangkok Dynasty, by t he year 1782 and took 2 Years to be done. The palace was done by the year 1784. There magnificant Buildings are the Royal and Religious Heart of the Nation. At the same compound with the palace also has the must beautiful Buddhist temple named the temple of Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaeo. But infact The Emerald Buddha Image was made from The whole pecice of jade.The image wan found At Chiengrai province on the northern past of Thailand. Once was took to Laos, and was kept There over zoo years. King rama I took the image back to Thailand and housed at the temple of Emerald Buddha until at the present. The royal Grand palace was built in real Thai style. As you come to Bangkok don't miss the Grand palace. The palace open everyday form 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Wat Arun
Wat Arun or the temple of Dawn is located on the Western bank of the Chau Phaya River. It's richly Decorated 79 meters high and got influence from Cambodia. Pagoda or "Phra - Prang" is particularly beautiful in the soft light of early morning or sunset and the Prang was decorated with Chinese procelain
over 1 million pieces . Temple of Dawn got this name because King Taksin the great. The only one King of Thonburi dynaoty flouted along this river and stopped In front of this temple early morning So the king named This temple "Temple of Dawn"

Wat Pho
Wat Pho is one of the oldest and biggest temples In Bangkok. The chapel houses the gigantic gold -plated. Reclining Buddha which is 46 meters in length and 15 meters in height Wat Pho is the original school which teaches Thai Massage until at the present

Royal Barges National Museum
Royal Barges National Museum is located on the bank of klong Bangkok-Noi which connected to Chao Phaya River. These barges were used on Royal and government occasion.Once a year, The King will go to the temple to give the yellowcloth to the monk by the Royal Barges, that have only in Thailand.


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Wanfah's Dinner Cruise Root River City Siphaya Pier Map

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Price Adult USD 45/person,  with transport, Code: WFC-001 

Price Adult USD 40/person, no transport. Code: WFC-001/1
Price Child 4-10 yrs. USD 25/person

For reservation please call us.

Att.: Mr. Amnaj Souphabmichai (Ronny)

  Tel: 02-250-6372 / Mobile: 084-0944-813

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