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Glucan Lovexml:namespace

Take care of you and your love ones, Glucan Love One product combination of natural extract

6 types of natural , To restore the balance of the body.

Take care of your health holistically , for better quality of life.

Essential ingradients in Dietary Supplementsxml:namespace prefix = "o" />

1.       Reishi Extract Powder

2.       Beta Glucan

3.       Black Sesame Extract

4.       Broccoli Extract Power

5.       Cordyceps  Extract

6.       Calcium Ascorbate

Glucan Love

It is a health food supplement  for new generation health conscious of pollution environment.

The current lifestyle changes, everyone is at risk for ailments, in the body within the body, or external factors are stimuli, This may affect you,  or your loved one are at risk,

So that they invented food supplements to the plaintiffs, love and protect everyone healthy and strong, and live happily every day, Disease free.

Benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum

·         Control of blood sugar, Reduce the risk of diabetes.

·         Control of blood reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

·         Reduce obesity and cholesterol.

·         Strengthen the body, Help not risk.

·         Allergy relief.

·         Nourishing kidney liver helps to eliminate Toxins.

The benefits of sesame

·         Help burn fat.

·         Reduce absorption, synthesis of cholesterol.

·         The fat level is in proportion.

·         Help the function of vitamin E.

·         Helps prevent the degeneration of the nervous system.

·         Decrease in cellular secretion.

·         Antioxidnats.

·         Anti-inflammatory.

The benefits of Beta Glucan

·         Help increase the strength  Prevent colds.

·         All kinds of respiratory diseases.

·         Allery to flu.

·         Helps reduce the illness and stress caused by high physical strength.

·         Anti cancer cells.

The benefits of Broccoli Sprouts Extract

·         Helps to eliminate poisons and skin.

·         Has the effect of reducing inflammation.

·         Relieve liver function and liver disease.

·         Suppresses the mutation of cancercells, Specifically,prostate cancer.

·         Has antioxidant activity itself.

·         Enhances the efficiency of eliminating steroid poison.

·         Control of sex hormone balance in male and female.

·         Protects Breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer.

The benefits of Cordyceps Extract

·         Vascular extension.

·         Stimulates the performance of the adrenal glands.(Related to heartbeat Blood circulation Create a hormone in the male)

·         Immunization for patients with kidney disease. (Reduce the number of dialysis sessions.

·         Healing from Diabetes.

·         Reduce the growth of tumors and tumors.

 ราคา 1,200 บาท/กล่อง   Price Bht.1,200/Box 



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